Getting ready for some of the best king fishing of the year

Wow the Lake Wenatchee sockeye fishery was amazing! Just as advertised there is more fish up there then there ever has been. The fishing continues to be amazing with early limits the rule but with some of the fish starting to turn. Last time I was up there we had 38 sockeye before noon, that is great fishing wherever you are! The Fetha Styx dr 804 sockeye rods are the perfect rod for this fishery with there even bend and carbon fiber handles to slide in and out of rod holders they fish perfect! We have been running just plain red size 1 hooks behind 1/0 dodger it's an easy but deadly combo.Looking forward I am sad to say I will be having some minor surgery next week so I will be out for a couple weeks. But until then and after that we will be fishing kings hot and heavy. The king bite in the Brewster pool and Chelan Falls is starting to pick up so that where we will be. We will be running Pautzke fire brined herring mostly. The fish are large and are cutting very nicely still! We will be using mostly Fetha Styx dr 1064 with also some plug fishing thrown in the also. Then the big daddy of them all! Starting September 15 we will start fishing the Hanford reach for large fall run kings! If you want kings this is the fishery for you. The limit is set at 3 kings a piece and last year limits were the rule. This year there is more and larger fish predicted, a staggering 1.8 million fish projected for the Columbia and don't think we won't be getting our share! We will be doing very little downrigger fishing and mostly backtrolling wrapped plugs and Pautzke cured eggs. I have some good dates still open for this fishery but it will fill up book now to get what could be some of the best fishing we have ever seen!