Prime time for Lake Wenatchee sockeye!

The fishing is hot like the weather here in Eastern Washington! We are in the midst of the largest run in the history of the Lake Wenatchee sockeye fishery . By my personal, non-scientific, guestimation I think there will be over 90,000 sockeye filling into the 2480 acre lake that's 36.3 fish per acre, I like those odds! There is already over 75,000 that have crossed Tumwater dam on the upper Wenatchee river. The fishing has been good for us with our Fetha Styx dr 803's getting a work out with limits being the norm as long as we don't get blown off the lake. This is mainly a downrigger fishery that's why the quality and performance of the Fetha Styx dr 803's help us and our clients put fish in the boat. We are fishing anywhere from 30 to 70 feet with very basic sockeye set ups. Running either a 1/0 dodger and red hooks or 1/0 dodger and the deadly Free Drifter sockeye flies in red and pink with orange working from time to time. The limit is 6 fish a person and it is single barbless hooks with no bait or scent. The fish in Lake Wenatchee tend to be a bit larger than the sockeye in the Brewster pool so 6 sockeye is a nice bag of fillets. It should fish pretty good until the third week of August or even the end of August.We will moving into fall run kings in the Hanford Reach stretch of the Columbia river. This section is about an hour and half south of Wenatchee. We will be targeting large fall run kings with another HUGE record run expected, the limit will start at 3 fish a piece again which is a great bag limit! I have several good days open still but book now as it will fill up. I will be fishing this out of my 23' Wooldridge Super Sport Drifter September 15 through October 15, and we are expecting a great season. Then I will be rowing my new Clackacraft drift boat in the ever popular steelhead season in the Wenatchee, Methow and Upper Columbia rivers. Book trips now to get a good day on one of the most popular fisheries of the year. Good luck and see you on the water.