Brewster sockeye and kings


As I finally get some sleep and clear out the smoke and ash from my sinuses I reflect on some of the best sockeye fishing I have ever seen. The roads are all open and access is easy once again. I as type the temperature on the Okanogan river is 66 degrees and that is NOT good for fishing Bewster, as it has gone down form 74 degrees. All the fish have gone up river leaving anxious anglers empty handed. We had some amazing fishing the past couple weeks and I am pretty sure we will great fishing again very shortly. With temps in the triple digits in a couple days that will warm the water again. That will set up the thermal block that will keep fish available for the taking. We enjoyed some very good sockeye and king fishing and it will be good once again in just a few days.Meanwhile the Lake Wenatchee fishery is going strong. It also has a 6 fish per angler limit. On Lake Wenatchee it is all barbless hooks with no bait or scent. We will using similar gear as fishing the Brewster pool for sockeye just without the coon shrimp is all. Lake Wenatchee I feel can expect over 90,000 sockeye leaving it the largest run in lake history before its all done. This leaves us with great fishing to be had over the weekend and in the next few weeks. Check out some of the pics from the last couple weeks and book a date now!