Steelhead on the Wenatchee, Methow and Upper Columbia rivers takes off

Wow the last couple months have just been a whirlwind! It was a great sockeye season, maybe the best ever, then wham it moved right into fall run kings on the Hanford Reach. We were running a mix of plugs on our Fetha Styx HSR 1063 plug rods. Also we ran divers and Pautzke Fire cured eggs on our Fetha Styx DR 1065, yep that's right a downrigger rod, it has the perfect action for divers and bait. It really shows the diversity of the downrigger line of rods. As much fun as the past salmon season was., and it was a blast, it's nice to be out rowing around.We are kicking off steelhead season on the Wenatchee, Methow, and Upper Columbia rivers. Most of the fishing we will be doing is jig and bobber fishing using Chrome series st 1002 rods a 10' rod that is perfect for jig and float fishing. We will be floating the Wenatchee and Methow rivers in either our new Clackacraft Clackamax driftboat or our Star Inflatables whitewater raft with full fishing frame. Both rivers are selective rules with no bait so we will be doing lots of jig and bobber fishing. With almost 20,000 steelhead over Priest Rapids Dam,over the 10 year average we are expecting another great season. So far in this early season we have a good number of hatchery fish in the Wenatchee River meaning lots of keepers. The Coho have moved mostly upriver but they are thick around the Icicle River. The rains are coming now and the river will come up but when it falls it should be good fishing again. I have lots of openings for this season that runs through the end of March let me know if you want some great fishing in one of most beautiful places on earth. Here are some pictures for the past couple weeks thanks for reading!