Summer Salmon season is finally here!

Summer Salmon season is once again here!!

Its warming up and that means that summer salmon season is here! First off we will be fishing out of a brand new Wooldridge Super Sport Drifter! This is a 23' long 102" wide fishing machine! It is set up with all the bells and whistles including Cannon digi troll 10's to keep our gear right in front of the fish at all times. Couple that with state of the art Hummingbird fish finder and it's almost not even fair. Put your Fetha Styx downrigger rods in the rod holder and wait for the excitement! We are getting some nice kings now around the Wenatchee area and we will be moving around following the fish in the coming weeks and next couple  months.

Sockeye are starting to show up also and we are expecting another great sockeye season. We will be fishing for sockeye in the Upper Columbia where the limit is 2 a piece and is part of your 6 fish salmon limit, 2 kings, 2 sockeye and 2 jacks.  Remember about the rule changes we have this year to this fishery, no retention of wild Chinook and also barbless hooks starting this year so remember to pinch those barbs! The Lake Wenatchee sockeye season is forecast to be a big one this year!  That is great news and should start sometime late July or early August. It opened last year August 4 and we are hoping for an earlier opener this year as there are lots of fish on the way for this fishery. There is a rumor that we may get a 5 sockeye per angler limit to start, and if that is true that would be magnificent! "Like" us on Facebook for all the information as I get the word. Click  to get all the info as well as some fish pictures just for fun. We have a few dates available for these seasons, so if you're interested book now as they will both fill up. Don't say I didn't warn you! Warm up the grill!