Recap of a GREAT year fishing!

Well.... I know I am a little late on a year recap and it’s been a long time since I did a blog post. I always say I will do better about it, I have big plans and the best of intentions but then it comes down to fish or get ready for fishing or write about fishing. So you know what happens I organize rods, or swap reels or tie up gear but never do the writing part, sorry all who read this!  

Last year was a great year for fishing! We started the year with some very good Kokanee fishing on Lake Chelan that lasted through June! With limits of Kokanee the rule as well as landlocked Chinook and Mackinaw also as bonus fish! We also worked into walleye just a touch later and had the best year on Moses Lake I can remember for great walleye fishing! We were getting large fish and limits most days of the tasty, flaky, white meat fish. At the same time we were fishing Banks Lake with great success of walleye also with great days of catching in one of the most beautiful places on earth!  I will include lots of pics at the end of this blog by the way :)

Chilly mornings turn to warmer but earlier sunrises on the Upper Columbia river catching  sockeye and summer run Chinook! This is one of my favorite times of the year! Sockeye are one of the best tasting fish on the planet with their bright red meat! Then at the same time summer Chinook with meat as red as spring Chinook and fat content to match the ever so popular “springers” As the days get shorter and the mornings not quite so early we delve into the best pure Chinook fishery all year, on the Hanford Reach stretch of the Columbia river. With lower numbers of fish we got a reduced limit but the fishing was hot! We were lucky enough to limit the whole boat out every day except one for this great season. I will include pics of large kings from this season. 

Now as the mornings are late and cold again we are turning our attention back to Lake Chelan and aiming at the tasty, silver bullets of Kokanee fishing. We have a brand new top  on our Wooldridge boat to fish warm, comfy, dry and heated  for the start of the new year. I am very much looking forward to being out on the water again this year and seeing what great memories will be created this year!