sockeye season is in full swing and $150 a person!

Sockeye limit raised and the season is in full swing!

With sockeye flooding over the dams we have a sockeye season once again! The doom and gloom forecast for sockeye didn't pan out as they said and we are looking at good numbers of fish. The limit has just been raised to 3 per person allowing you to come home with a great bag of bright red, flavorful fillets. These fish are loaded in omega 3 and fat as they are geared up for the long journey from the ocean all the way to Canada. These are feisty fish we catch on light tackle. Because of the fast action this is a great fishery for kids and people that don't fish often. I will be running morning and afternoon/evening trips for these with a discounted price of only $150 a person! So don't wait, and take advantage of this great fishery before they are gone. 

This fishery in the Brewster Pool is here because of the Okanogan river reaching temperatures of over 70 degrees, creating a thermal barrier that holds fish at the mouth and doesnt allow them to go upriver to Canada to spawn. We troll around on light action gear with weights and bio down riggers to catch them. Sockeye salmon are the most prized fish for eating there is, so don't miss out on your chance to catch these magnificent tasty fish!