Some of the best steelhead fishing is now!

Happy new year! I start the new year with icy guides and rivers full of steelhead. The temps are cold right now as I type this but they are heading up with lows above freezing in the next couple days, and when you see conditions like that in Easten Washington you know the steelhead will be on the bite! With the Upper Columbia River, the Wenatchee River and the Methow River all fishing good at this time of year it's simply pick your poison. Grab your Pautzke cured coon shrimp and hook up the motor boat or grab your box of jigs and plugs and go for a scenic float down one of the smaller rivers. They are producing nice steelhead right now and should continue to fish well through March! We are fishing a mix of the Columbia and the Wenatchee rivers mostly right now as we wait for the water to be right to fish some of our favorite runs on the Methow river which should be happening very soon. As always we are using our Fetha Styx Chrome 1002 float rods that are a perfect mix of sensitivity and balance to be casting small jigs all day. We are also doing some trolling and back trolling for steelhead on the Upper Columbia using our Fetha Styx hsr 1061 plug rods with the perfect action for small steelhead plugs and trolling light gear around.As we start the new year here is a quick list of the upcoming fisheries for the next year. Now through March steelhead on the Wenatchee,Methow, and Upper Columbia rivers. You can expect some very good fishing in this time period.

April and May we be targeting kokanee on Lake Chelan and if it's anything like the last few years this is a fisheries that you don't want miss!

Then starting the end of May and June we have spring Chinook season on the Icicle and hopefully Wenatchee rivers again. Floating in our new Clackacraft with lots of room these fill up fast as I only have a handful of openings left so if you want this fishery book quickly before its all filled up!

July through the end of September we have the very popular summer run King and sockeye fishery. This is on the Upper Columbia River and also sockeye on Lake Wenatchee. We will be fishing out of our 23' Wooldridge with lots of room for up to 6 people. This is some amazing fishing that you do not want to miss out on!

September through October 15 we will be hanging out down on the Hanford Reach targeting large fall run kings. Again fishing out of the 23' Wooldridge this is the time for crushing plug and egg bites and for guys that like plug hits this is not a fishery that you will want miss.

October 15 all the way through the end of March back to steelhead on the Wenatchee, Methow, and Upper Columbia rivers never to early to book your trip for that fishery. Here are some recent pictures from the last couple weeks of steelhead fishing, thanks for reading see ya on the water!