Cold weather hot fishing!

It's is great to be back fishing! After a little surgery I have been back out on the river for a little over a week and have got a chance to fish both the Methow and Wenatchee rivers for steelhead. Both rivers are in great shape right now they came up a bit then back down with the cold temps and now they are both fish great! This time of year is great, with the rivers in great shape lots of fish and no crowds, what more could a guy ask for? We have lots of open dates and both these rivers usually close in winter and reopen in February for a spring fishery so get your trip reserved now!  We will be fishing the Upper Columbia river also for steelhead till it closes in March. I finally had a chance to finally get my hands on a couple of the brand new Fetha Styx Chrome series bobber rods. The rod I have been using is a fs-st-1002 4-14 lb 1/8-1/2 OZ, these are 10' rods made 100% in USA, with the same action as the Homewater series I have been using and so far, but way less expensive. I absolutely love them, another home run for the guys at Fetha Styx! We have been fishing both rivers with small (1/16oz) jigs under a fixed float in a variety of colors, blacks, oranges, and pinks with fish starting to hit some pink worms also under a bobber. We have been getting more hatchery fish on the Methow river but the Wenatchee is starting to pump out some more hatchery also. There is nothing as fun as watching your bobber go down and feeling that initial pulse of a quality steelhead on the other end and knowing its about to get crazy! We will also be offering gift certificates for Christmas so that you can give the best gift ever to that fishing enthusiast that will be good all year long on any fishery we do just go to for more information also "like us on Facebooik for up to date pictures and info.