Wow! A great steelhead season and looking forward to springers

First off I want to thank all  the people I had an opportunity to fish with over the course of the steelhead season, old faces and new ones as well, I am looking forward to fishing with all of you again soon!  Well all the rivers around here are closed now, we had amazing fishing the last 9 day opener we had on the Wenatchee and the Methow rivers. Double digit days were the norm and the fish were great, fresh and feisty! The Okanogan was open for another week but the river was hit and miss with water levels but some guys had some very good days up there right at the end. It was a great opportunity to break out the Pautzkes fire cure and get my eggs cured for springers. q Now we are looking forward to spring chinook on the Icicle river in Leavenworth. That fishery will begin mid May and last through July, we will fish it into the first couple weeks of July. I will be doing a blog post about fishing that river specifically as we get closer. Also an egg currying blog and a herring curing blog to help get everybody set up for springers, we are expecting a great run of fish! I am also getting set up to be a product rep for Star rafts, we will be selling the same rafts we use all year long, these are the toughest, best rowing rafts out there for any price! I will be talking about these lots more as we get set up so if you or somebody you know is in the market for the best raft out there let us know we will treat you right! This will be a busy fun month and half as we wait for springer season so check back soon, and for updates also stay connected with what we are up to on our Facebook. We are booking trips for springers right now with the hot month of June filling up so get your dates in soon. Thanks for looking check back soon!