Catching steelhead is child's play in Wenatchee!

Well it has been a while since my last blog and report sorry about that but we have just been fishing everyday as the weather, the fish, and river conditions have created the perfect storm of steelhead catching! We cant miss a day as you never know when it will change. You can always "like" our Facebook page also for more information also. Right now  the weather is chilli in the mornings it is warming up and sunny in the afternoons and the fishing and river pressure are great as well! We have been spending most of our days floating the Wenatchee River in our raft with and occasional day or 2 on the Methow River also, as both are fishing very well as we are averaging 4 to 8 fish a day. We are using mostly jigs right now in blacks and pinks and some oranges  under a  bobber,  (or float for some of you guys) to get some bright nice fish that are hanging out for the catching. We have many days open if you are interested  in catching some of these prized fish and also we have gift certificates available on our website for all of your Christmas shopping needs! Lets go fish!!