Steelhead was great but Springers are coming!

Steelhead season is gone but it was another great season! The rivers were way more up and down this year than in the past few years so level and flow were tough sometimes but it kept being consistent especially the second half. Now we are getting ready for spring chinook on the Icicle that will open mid May and is promising to be another good year up on the Icicle river in Leavenworth. We will be fishing it using herring plunking and back-bouncing and also ran on divers, or using eggs with Pautzkes Fire cure running different colors on different days fished the same ways. We also will be running some bait wrapped  plugs  on the end of our Fetha Styx 1021 plug rods to catch them also, like the one pictured above, that is a pretty typical Icicle river fish with fish this year expected to be a little larger usual. We are booking spring chinook trips for this spring starting mid May with the best fishing being in June and early July, as with all trips we will be providing all the gear and bait, we will be floating in a fiberglass driftboat on this scenic float. Book your trip early as this fills up quickly! See you on the water!