We are very blessed to have such an abundance of steelhead opportunity right here close to home. We fish a variety of rivers for these truly prized fish. We float the Wenatchee, Methow, and Okanogan rivers in either our Clackacraft  Clackamax drift boat or our Star Inflatables raft depending on the stretch of river and water conditions.  We also the Upper Columbia River for steelhead in our 23' Wooldridge Super Sport Drifter from Rock Island Dam all the way to Chief Joseph dam.  We will be using top quality gear including custom made jigs for the area, and top quality fishing rods and reels. The Wenatchee and Methow rivers are selective gear fisheries for steelhead meaning that it is single point barbless hook with no bait or scent, except in the Columbia River where you can use bait and scent. 

We use different tactics to get these majestic fish including jig and bobber, spoons, and pulling plugs when water conditions are tough or people just want to relax and wait for a thunderous strike. Most of the fishing we do for steelhead is using the jig and bobber technique we have spent the last 25 years refining this technique on Eastern Washington rivers and you get to benefit from our years of experience. We have a very simple and productive system using, that we have spent over a decade creating and still tweak every chance we get. 

We offer flyfishing trips on all rivers as well. We float all the sections of the rivers we fish providing many options for tracking down fish, time, and scenic options. We have a very lengthy season for Steelhead ranging from early October all the way through March, or until WDFW closes the fishery,  giving way to some great winter fishing with very little pressure. We supply all quality gear to provide a first class fishing experience, you just show up with your proper licenses, and your own food and drink, and have a fishing trip to remember! Our full day trips are $200 per person or 4 people for $700 with $125 for fifth and sixth people. We can fish up to 4 people in the drift boat and 2 people in the raft and up to 6 people in the Wooldridge sled. Deposit of half down is required and if the trip is cancelled within 14 days the deposit is forfeited, all prices do not include gratuity. 

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