Kokanee are a landlocked Sockeye salmon and exhibit the same traits as salmon do, just they are only in fresh water. These fish are prized cause of there bright red meat as well as there fiesty nature. “Silver bullets”  as they are called by many are fresh water treasures that we fish anytime from January all the way through June. We fish them on 2 different lakes with two very different fisheries. Both fisheries we will be fishing out our 23’ Wooldridge Super Sport Drifter set up with everything we need to target these fish and room to comfortably fish up to 6 people. The cost for these trips are the same as other trips at $200 per person and $700 for 4 people and $125 for fifth and sixth people. 

Lake Chelan Kokanee fishing is a staple of spring in North Central Washington, even though many years we start fishing in the dead of winter. We will fish a variety of locations on the lake usually starting up lake and following the fish down to the low basin in early spring. January all the way through June usually prove to be good consistent fishing. Lake Chelan fish vary year to year, but most years the fish are a fat 12 to 16 inches, with a very liberal limit of 10 per person. We also have a very good westslope Cutthroat fishery January through March, then they head uptake to spawn, but when they are around you can expect some very good fishing for them, they will even hit a dry fly in winter.

Lake Roosevelt is one of the other fisheries that we fish for Kokanee. Lake Roosevelt is true ‘trophy’ Kokanee fishery with a new state record possible every time we launch the boat. The limit is essentially 2 Kokanee per person but the fish are huge and you can add 5 more quality rainbow trout to your stringer also. With Kokanee ranging up to 25” and 5 plus pounds there are very few places in the world that you can target Kokanee that large. This fishery starts to pick up around January and will last most of the summer. With its location being so close to Banks Lake, combination Walleye and Kokanee trips are possible depending on the time of the year. 

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